Shoe Organizers-Not Just for Shoes

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Let’s take a look at your average Shoe Organizers. I love to think outside of the box when it comes to organizing. You can buy them pretty much everywhere.  My favorite use is to hold all of our reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottles and Travel Mugs.  This way they aren’t taking up valuable cupboard space and not falling all over either.   I love these bottles.  They really do keep beverages hot or cold for HOURS.  I have still had ice in my bottle after 6 hours at work, and I can throw a bottle in my purse or work bag and not worry about it leaking.  I have actually bought them for some of my elderly clients who like to have a cold beverage nearby. The cap is easy to twist on and off too, even with arthritic hands.  The mugs keep their beverages hot for a long time as well, but not sure how long.  We drink our coffee too fast to notice.  🙂


We use one in our cellar way to hold things we rarely use, but are visible so they don’t end up buried in the back of a cupboard somewhere. 

My sons also use them for miscellaneous small things, like cords for electronics and gaming accessories.  Yes, they are gaming geeks, and they will probably end up living in my basement, eating Cheetos.  We love them though.

What things could you store in one of these?

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