Organizing with Baskets

Ways to organize with baskets around your home. Organize DVDs, Pet toys, remotes, coffee supplies in baskets. Uses for baskets around the home.

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Ways to Organize with Baskets

I am addicted to baskets, and use them everywhere in my home for all different things.  I don’t even know how I got so many baskets, it’s as if they multiplied on their own.  Baskets are great to organize with because they come in every shape and size imaginable, but they are pretty too.

Here are a few ways I use them in our living and dining rooms.

DVD storage (of course, sorted by genre  LOL).  I found these baskets as a set and they are the perfect size for DVDs, horizontally and vertically.  It’s great when we are looking for a certain title, we just pull out the genre we want.


Keeping remote controls in one place.









Corralling pet toys.  Any of us that have pets know, that we find their toys EVERYWHERE!  I put them all in the basket after finding them under the furniture, appliances, and beds.


My sons’ gaming gear that keeps accumulating in our main space.  I can tell them a million times, but they still end up everywhere.





I use them to store things out of sight, but within easy reach.  We keep our batteries in the dark basket, and my haircutting equipment in the lighter one.







A nice way to keep our napkins within easy reach.





Keeping our coffee bar organized.  I use one for teas, and one for miscellaneous items, like stirrers.











Coffee filters






And to serve the coffee add-ins.




organizing with baskets, uses for baskets

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