My Cleaning Schedule

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Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule, Yep, I said it.  I absolutely love it, my sons will tell you it makes them cringe.  I won’t tell you what my dear husband would like to do with it.

In a previous post I discussed a morning routine.  After I complete that, then I start my Daily To Do list.  These are my essential chores I do to keep the house running smoothly.   You will notice that making the bed is not there.  My husband works overnights, so he sleeps during the day.

You can also see Chore/Laundry of the Day and Weekly Focus, I will touch on those in a minute.  I start our dinner early afternoon, if not already in my Crock-Pot .  My boys attend college and have different schedules, so they eat when they can.  My husband and one of the boys work nights and have to eat before they leave at 5:15pm.   I know, it’s crazy around here!!!

Chore/Laundry of the Day

I used to work outside of the home and broke my chores into smaller jobs.  I still do it and makes my life a little easier.  Some people dust one day, vacuum the next. Break it down into what works for you.  I do our bedrooms on Friday, because dear hubby is off and usually awake.   Like I said, whatever works.

I try, I said TRY, to do one load of laundry a day.  It keeps me sane, and keeps Mount Washmore, from rising up in my basement. The laundry gets split by person.  As you can see, the men in the house are all pretty much the same size.  This makes sorting by color and getting them to the right person a nightmare.

Everyone is in charge of bringing their own laundry down and putting in their designated basket.  After I fold everything, it goes back in and they can get it when convenient.  I do our towels and linens on Wednesday.

Last, but not least, is my Weekly Focus.

Some people do this on a specific day.  I do the focus on each room as I go.  For example, it’s week 3 (glass and mirrors).  On Monday as I clean the basement, I will do the inside windows and curio.  Wednesday, same thing on first floor, curio, hutch, mirrors etc.  This list is to help deep clean without tearing up each room in the Spring and Fall like my mother used to.

This is not my first version of my lists, it changes as schedules and circumstances change.  Make your own, play around with it and have fun with it.

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Cleaning schedule for Daily, weekly and monthly

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