Laundry-Conquering the Clothes

Laundry schedule, laundry lists, sorting laundry

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Let’s talk about a DIRTY subject~LAUNDRY

Laundry schedule, laundry lists, sorting laundryLaundry.  There, I said it.  Everyone’s favorite chore, right?  NOT.  I hate doing laundry, the whole process, from sorting and stain treatments to IRONING (that should just be banned).


Everyone does laundry differently, the way they sort, the water temperature, type of detergent, dryer or line dry.   It’s crazy.  It’s also a necessary evil when it comes to housework.  I did a discussion last week on Facebook and in my groups and received so many comments on laundry routines.

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I used to sort by color, darks, brights, and whites.  That worked for years for me, while my children were young.  My boys, at age 19, are the same size as my husband now.  I don’t know how many times one of the boys came downstairs wearing one of my husband’s shirts or pairs of jeans.  My husband never seeing those clothes again, so I sort by person.  I have also had them all do their own laundry.   That never ends well.   It’s just easier for me, and a lot less stressful, if I do it without help.

I do each person’s laundry on a certain day, and with a reason.   Everything is done in cold water and tossed into the dryer, except where noted. My son Justin, gets done on Monday because he goes to college for HVAC and also works at a produce warehouse, and gets pretty grubby.  He can pretty much start the week with fresh clothes.  His brother Geoffrey has Tuesday because he goes to college too and is involved in school activities during the weekend.


Our household laundry gets done on Wednesday.  This includes our sheets, bath towels, and dish towels.  I do blankets, throws, and curtains as needed.  I clean the bathrooms on Tuesday, so it makes sense to do towels and such the next day.  Hot water, line dry the sheets, towels in dryer (no dryer sheet)

My clothes are done on Thursday.  I hang all my tops on a line, I am a large woman and if my tops shrink, me in a half-shirt is not a good thing.  Lol.  Everything else goes into the dryer.  I have enough time to make sure I have a clean outfit for church.

My husband works nights at the same produce warehouse as our son, and their week runs Sunday thru Thursday.  I can do all of his clothes, including his work clothes, Friday morning after he gets home.

I have a bad back, so everyone is in charge of carrying their clothes down to the laundry room, and back upstairs after they’re folded.

This is the system that works for us at the time.  Do you use a Top Load Washing Machine, a Front Loading Washer and Dryer or do you use Compact Washer for a loft or apartment?  Share your thoughts and routines.

Laundry schedule, laundry routine, chore list, daily chore, weekly chore

4 Thoughts to “Laundry-Conquering the Clothes”

  1. Toni
    Never thought about doing laundry this way. I am still the one that sorts by colors, but I think I may change it up and try it your way. Thanks for sharing!
    1. jandacotterick
      Believe me, I've tried every way. This was my best solution since I live with 3 men, that are all the exact same size. It was SO confusing. Let me know how it works for you, Toni.
  2. I don't have a set laundry schedule, I just do it as-needed, but we kind of sort by person (and will probably do that more as my boys who are 3 and 1 get older). I love your shelf for your laundry baskets!
    1. jandacotterick
      Thank you, Caitlin It was so much easier when my kids were younger. Here is a link to another of my posts if you want to look at pricing for the shelving (its at bottom of that page). We have several in our basement and garage. Good luck with those little ones, and enjoy them. They grow up too fast.

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