Why Use a Daily To-Do List

Daily To-Do List for motivation, organization, and productivity

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Daily To-Do List

For me, a Daily To-Do List is essential for keeping my day running smoothly.  We all have those days when there are a ton of things to do, and we have no idea where to start.  We can get overwhelmed, and that puts a stop to getting anything done at all.  There are 3 main reasons I love a Daily To-Do List, so let’s take a look at those.
Daily To-Do List for motivation, organization, and productivity


I am a visual person, so for me, it’s nice to see everything written down.  Tasks are usually coded by color, I have a color code for everyone in the family, and importance of task.  My husband and sons are not the most organized men, and quite honestly, pretty forgetful.   It makes it much easier to keep everyone on track.


I usually spend a few minutes every night, checking my Planner, as part of my evening routine.  Writing things down on the daily to-do list, helps me clear my mind so I’m not worrying all night about what I have to do the next day.  Wake up in the morning and be instantly motivated to conquer the list.  Crossing off items on a list gives me a sense of accomplishment.


If you write all your tasks in a to-do list, you can look at the list and prioritize the most important tasks.  This is why I like to color code, as mentioned above.  If I see a task written in red, that gets done first.  Then I can focus on the rest of the list without feeling like I’ve missed something.

Daily To-Do List for motivation, organization, and productivity
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  1. I love it! I'm a huge list person! I have lists for my lists! Thank you!
    1. jandacotterick
      I am exactly the same way. I will be making a lot more, so be sure to visit again. :-)

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