Closet Organization

Closet organization to suit your needs, organize your closet by items, use, color. Organize your closet for ease of selection and to save time.

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Closet Organization

Closet organization is one of my absolute favorite things to do.  Of course, this drives the rest of my family crazy.  Their idea of an organizing a closet is throwing anything they can in, and if the door closes, it’s a win for them.

This past weekend I tackled my closet as well as my husband’s.  This was an all day project, because I gutted the closets to start from scratch.  I also put our Summer clothes away and brought our Winter down.

This is embarrassing, but here is my closet.

See, I even have junk on the floor.  I took a deep breath and started pulling everything out, and it went into one of 4 piles.  The piles were KEEP, SUMMER, DONATE, TOSS.







KEEP is anything that will be going back in the closet.

SUMMER is anything seasonal, like shorts, tank tops, swimsuits, etc.  These will be packed and stored in a cedar wardrobe in our attic.

DONATE is anything is good condition that someone else can use.  These items will either be given to friends or donated to a charity.

TOSS is anything that is too far gone to keep.

After the closet is emptied, I wash all the shelves and vacuum.










I organize everyone’s closet to their needs.  In my closet I put my tops on the top rod, and my pants on the bottom rod.  My tops are organized by color.  I hang everything with the hangers reversed, as I wear items they get hung the right way.  At the end of the season, anything still reversed, I know I haven’t worn and I can donate it.






My purses get dusted off and put on their own shelf.  I may put them in clear bags to keep them dust free.





My shoes are also grouped by color, in a hanging organizer.  I have a bad back, so this makes my shoes easier to reach.

My dresses, pashminas, and any long items go next to the shoe organizer.









My husband’s closet is organized with good clothes being on the top rod and work clothes on the bottom.









We actually did my son’s closet this morning, I organized his by type also.  I didn’t color code, because I KNOW he won’t follow it.  I’m just thrilled that he helped clean it out with me.  I’ve learned to choose my battles over my 30 years of motherhood.









I hope this gives you motivation to tackle your own closets.   I you ever need organizing advice or a consultation, contact me at

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