$10 Garage Storage Shelving Project

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DIY Garage Storage

This past week, my husband and I built a garage storage shelving unit for our garage for only $10. How did we do it for only $10? We used only scrap wood, from a neighbor’s old porch, and the only cost for us was new deck screws. I am a very frugal person, and my father and grandfather taught me to use what you have and repurpose EVERYTHING. You can use new 2x4s for this project also, using the same idea and brackets, the idea is to get things stored vertically and save room, the footprint for this shelving is 8′ x 28″.

DIY garage storage shelving

This is the corner we are working in, that over the past year, we dumped everything in, with no rhyme or reason. You can see the wood we we using leaning against the wall.

DIY garage storage shelving

First we had to clear everything out of the corner. That took almost half a day in itself.

I had the plans for this all in my head, and was designing the unit as we went. I took measurements with my Tape Measure of the largest of our Plastic Storage Totes, so we had to come out at least 28″ from the wall.

I had my husband, Jim, rip old 2x6s down the center with his Ryobi Circular Saw, and these made our uprights, I used 3. He also ripped more for the short 28″ shelf supports.

Jim used his Ryobi Drill to screw the shelf supports right into the existing garage framing for the bottom shelf. I leveled each horizontal shelf support and attached those with long deck screws, right through the verticles.

After the shelf supports were in, we laid our shelf wood down. We used the old floor planking, and screwed those down to the supports for stability. supportI made wall “brackets” out of small pieces of 2x4s, making them 3″ wide. These were attached to the wall, and the 28″ shelf support was screwed into the top.

We just measured and repeated for each shelf, until we had all 4 done. This is the finished project. I couldn’t be happier that our bins finally have a home.

If you have any questions, please comment, and I will get right back to you. I have plenty more projects and ideas for organizing your garage/basement on a budget, tools, hardware, garden tools, patio furniture.

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