Let’s Talk Tools

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Let’s Talk Tools

Let’s talk about tool organization today.  This is my second post in my garage organizing series, and we are going to focus on our workbench, hand tools, portable power tools, and fasteners.

This was my reality!  I couldn’t find a tool to save my life.  Jim and I started with clearing the whole area and basically starting over.





We purged old or broken tools, and set up our pegboard organized tools by type. You can use hooks, or baskets to hold your items. Wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.  all other items were grouped also, like tape, sandpapers and levels.







These are some great baskets to use on a pegbord.  They are avilable on page 16 of my catalog.






This bag is also shown above.   We use it to keep some essential tools in to Grab and go, as a time saver.







This is our power tool station.  Everything is easy to access and we have our battery charger right there too.  I keep all of our workshop books there also.






This is where my OCD kicked in.  I absolutely HATE digging around in a bucket of screws or nails to find the size I need.  I sorted all my most used screws  1-1/2″ – 4″  and the same with types of nails, finishing through concrete, into Dollar Tree containers.  The rest I DID put into 2 miscellaneous containers.




I also bought the blue bins from Dollar Tree.  These corral our odd shaped stuff, like Ropes, Chains, Bungee cords, etc.  The large totes hold our paint supplies and miscellaneous hardware for the house (door knobs, handles, hinges).


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