Getting Back on the Horse

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After a tumultuous year since my last post, it is time for me to take the reigns and get back on the horse. We were hit pretty hard with medical issues. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and neuropathy and my husband with stage 2 COPD, add these to our mental health issues and it got a little overwhelming for me.

My boys, Geoffrey and Justin, have just turned 21 (I cant believe it) and they are both doing quite well.  Geoffrey is in his third year at Marywood University and Justin graduated form Johnson College with a degree in HVAC.  We are very proud.  My daughter, Bethany, and I have started speaking again after a long estrangement and this truly is a blessing in my life.

Last March I was blessed with a job at a care facility for the developmentally and intellectually disabled, I work in housekeeping (of course). I am also starting the process for bariatric surgery. With all of these changes in my life, I have to rework my routines that I had been using in the past and revamp our favorite recipes into healthier versions.  Join me as I embark on this new journey.  I would love to hear ideas and input from you, so feel free to email me and don’t forget to fill out my subscription form.


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