Oh, Those Sleepless Nights

insomnia, sleepless

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Oh, Those Sleepless Nights

insomnia, sleepless

Tips to help with sleepless nights, the struggle with insomnia, racing thoughts and oversleeping.

How many of you suffer from insomnia or sleeping too much? I struggle with this on a daily basis. My mind won’t turn off. What did I get done today? What did I NOT get done? Replaying conversations or something I saw on TV. The dreaded flashbacks of abuse or desperately trying to remember good memories to counteract them.

Essential oils, are a huge help to some people. You can put a few drops of lavender or chamomile on your pillowcase or you can use a diffuser or salt lamp with an oil cup. We use a salt lamp with oil cup in our bedroom, I like the warm glow it gives to fall asleep and the added benefit of the oil.

To help with racing thoughts, I have learned over the years is to keep a small notebook next to the bed, so you can write down some of the things on your mind. This way they are on paper and out of your head, freeing you from the racing thoughts.

Noise machines are another favorite of mine or sleep sounds on our echo. Most sound machines are super affordable. They come with several sounds to help the sleep deprived, even a heartbeat which is great for babies. Alexa has some awesome sleep sounds, like babbling brook, rain on a tin roof, and forest sounds.

Two more great tips:

Keep your bedroom cool. You don’t want to freeze, but a cool room sends your body a message to sleep.

Lastly, but definitely the most important is UNPLUG! Turn off the television and computer, the light keeps your brain on “awake” mode.

I hope these little tips and tricks help you get your much needed rest.

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    1. jandacotterick
      The layout came with WordPress. Thank you for the compliment. I write from the heart.

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