About Me

Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog.    I am a fifty one year old Christian wife and mother.  A few of my passions are cleaning, organizing and helping people.  I want to share my tips and tricks with you to make your life easier, and maybe get you inspired.


I have been married to my super supportive husband, Jim, since 2013.  I have twenty one year old sons, Geoffrey and Justin, both live at home and are attending local colleges.

Other than homemaking, I currently work as housekeeping staff at an intermediate care facility  for the intellectually and developmentally disabled.  I have also worked as a caregiver for the same population as well as the elderly.   I am also an abuse survivor.  That’s why I try to keep things as positive and lighthearted as possible.    We also have three feline fur balls.

Let’s make housecleaning fun and enjoyable together, learn new things and discover a few products to make our jobs easier.

Your feedback is very important, so I can address what topics to focus on.

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